The joy of paddling along the river







Enjoy the silence on the water

Canoe rentals and activities

Our region offers you an unforgettable experience in untouched
nature. Talk with us about your tailor made canoe trip with a mixture
of rivers and lakes to explore.
Observe and listen to wild animals in their natural surroundings.
In the Jämtland area of 30 000 square kilometers, there are about 30 000 elk that roam freely in the wild. Except for moose, we have bear, beaver and reindeer that freely live in Jämtlands’ forests. Here you get to experience the silence and maybe you can get a glimpse of these animals during your canoe trip.
Fishing, with the chance to catch grayling, char, perch, pike, whitefish and trout is something which comes along with your tour.


plan your canoe trip with us!

Days, Weeks or even longer Tours

We are a small company and are therefore
able to fit to your special requests.
We organize the transport of the canoes up
to a suitable starting place in the wilderness and pick
you up at your desired endpoint.
Spring and autumn are also very nice seasons to explore with a canoe tour.

Plan your canoe tour with us!

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