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Even if you have never fished before, ice fishing, or pimpel fishing,
is something that you can easily do without even a guide.
It’s easy, inexpensive and effective to pimple.
In addition, it is peaceful to find a place on the ice, just concentrate
on the pimpel rod and to look down into the drilled ice fishing hole.

The first steps out on the ice can feel a bit annoying,
especially if you have been waiting for the premiere of the winter’s winter fishing
and are in a hurry on fresh ice to pimpel.
Trouts, Arctic Char and perch can be hooked before Christmas,
but it is common for ice-fishing to take place in the spring when the sun is warming,
the days go on and you know how new life sprouts in March-April.

Fishing in untamed Nordic landscapes with 6,000 hectares of water and over 100 fishing waters.
Hotagen is a fishing paradise for anglers. The district lies along the famous Fishing Road – highway 340 – that runs between Krokom in Sweden and Namsos in Norway. The whole area has plentiful fishing stocks and most fishing waters can offer fine varieties of mountain fish such as char, salmon trout, grayling and whitefish. The area has attracted anglers from near and far for a very long time.