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take your time

Coffee break

Our goal is to make your day a little brighter
with the best coffee
and a selection of freshly prepared delicacies

Our freshly brewed Coffee, Espresso, Latte or Cappuccino
is made from freshly ground ecological coffee beans

enjoy your coffee break on our sunny lakeside terrace
or our cosy cafe with fireplace when it is cold and rainy

Made Fresh, Eat Fresh, Keeping it locally sourced


Good Morning

Breakfast ?

A good breakfast is a good start, they say,
but what is a good breakfast ?

To us it is sourdough bread that we make
ourselves and a lot of other
carefully chosen breakfast favorites.

Freshly brewed coffee variations
made from freshly ground ecological coffee beans, of course

order your freshly baked sourdough bread / buns
for the next morning.

Breakfast is served daily 7.00am to 10am and is
available only if booked in advance!

are you hungry ?

take your Lunchtime !

Did you ever taste a Moose Burger ?
or a Burger made of Reindeer or even Bear meat ?

If you’re bored of bland Burgers you’ll love the flavor
of these wild meat Burgers

explore our Burger Menu


we recommend

Dinner – a joy for all senses

We have composed a menu that is diverse
and also familiar with well-cooked dishes
Everything is made with love, attention and finesse

Our Nordic menu consists almost exclusively of
locally produced ingredients. The fish, meat and brands of beer
are all produced in our local area.

We are a very small family restaurant with just two dinner tables
and a maximum of 10 persons to serve

This is perfect for you to tailor your excellent dinner with us
Let us take care of your unforgettable evening in Rörvattnet

Please note that some dishes are only available on pre-order!