Summer Fishing







The Hotagen Fishing Card

It’s not how many fish you catch
it’s how you catch them!

Hotagsbygden is a fishing paradise
for anglers. The district is by the
famous Fishing Road – highway 340 –
that runs between Krokom in
Sweden and Namsos in Norway.

The whole area has plentiful
fishing stocks and most fishing
waters can offer fine varieties
of mountain fish such as char,
salmon trout, grayling and

Fishing paradise

You just need one card – the Hotagen card

Fishing in untamed Nordic landscapes with 6,000 hectares of water and over 100 fishing waters

The Hotagen card is a unique cooperation that began in 1998 between the four northernmost fishing areas in the Krokom municipality. Everyone from amateurs to the most discriminating angler can find an idyllic place to fish. There are wind breaks and barbecue areas by many of the fishing places that you reach by following narrow paths.

You can buy the Hotagen card in the district’s shops and tourist facilities or buy it online

Hotagen Fishing License


you want to go out with a boat?

See our fishing boats!

in our area usually the ice is gone around mid may
and the trouts are very hungry for the first insects ...

This is the time to go out on the lakes with a boat or canoe
for those unforgettable moments of trout fishing.

We have boats for 2 to 3 persons with 2,5 hp four stoke motors.
This is absolute sufficient in our area and we offer also a
transport service for the boats in case you want to explore
one of the lakes around. Notice: we have both,
the pure salmon waters and the big pike waters, all nearby!

See the maps and price list in our download area