Bushcraft is different from survival

A bushcrafter continues

Bushcraft is a collective term for skills needed to stay in the countryside. Bushcraft is different from survival. Someone who wants to survive, will actually be back in civilization as soon as possible. A bush crafter continues. He just wants to be in the nature and stay there as pleasant as possible. Bushcraft is incredibly versatile and certainly offers something for everyone who enjoys outdoor activities. It’s about knowledge of edible and useful plants or trees, finding water, finding and learning about animals, make fire according to ancient or modern techniques with materials from nature, make a rope, make different knots, handle knife and ax , the different types of wood to construct a cabin or utensils as a spoon or cup and, and, and …..

Food from nature: a dream for some, but for others a bit strange. This knowledge fades from our Western society. The supermarket or snack around the corner has become refuge for food. Yet there are more people who are interested in this. What can you eat and when to eat it. Should I boil it or I can eat it raw? And the most important thing … is it good?

Water: In a survival situation, you do not always have access to remedies or a filter to purify water to make it drinkable. You can boil the water but that does not eliminate sand and other particles. The chemicals contained in the water remain after boiling. Often you can help yourself with the resources you have available to build a water filter. This removes particles and some of the chemicals from the water. It is wise to boil the water after filtering to eliminate all bacteria and viruses.

Fire: Fire is for people of prime importance and is reflected in a number of practical issues such as heat, food, communication, making tools … In addition, fire is a social binder, a campfire calls for togetherness and it is the place where you explore and share stories and experiences or find comfort in inclement days. Who could make fire, also possessed a certain power: it was in fact a natural element that was conquered. Despite the impact of fire on our cultural development, modern man is unable to make fire without contemporary technology.

Shelter: Whether you built a shelter for fun or need in both cases the proper method and location can prevent many problems. Once you go to sleep you are totally unprotected and you want as much as possible exclude dangers. Surviving in nature is hard without sleep. Building a shelter is a skill that is worth to learn. Build a wind and waterproof shelter just with your own hands! You have to experience it yourself. We supply wood, sails and twine so you can build yourself a shelter.

Navigate: It is of great importance to be able to orient yourself and to navigate. A topographic map with compass and GPS provide a solution but what to do if you’re not carrying these instruments? Nature can often help you with finding the north or south. The fact remains that you actually have some knowledge of this subject if you’re lost. Therefore it is necessary to be well prepared in a number of skills and let nature give you a hand.

Tools: Bushcraft is not to make yourself as hard as possible but rather with limited resources, trying to make yourself as comfortable as possible! By going to develop tools in nature. In addition, making important tools against boredom. This is in fact one of the worst things that can happen in a survival situation. You will learn the basics of knife, ax, saw and spoon. Also, you discover how to add comfort to your outdoor adventures. It’s a real skill weekend, we let you do as much as possible. You learn to build several large and small workpieces.

Animal Tracks: Animals moving along the ground will leave marks and the best time of year to find these tracks is winter. To recognize animal tracks is useful for several reasons and it is always nice to know which animals are in your area. Prey residues, pellets, feces, paw print, leftovers of hairs and feathers, these are all tracks which can contain valuable information. Using these tracks, you can pretty accurately figure out the corresponding animal.